Hello, My name is Sean and this is my blog about health, fitness, nutrition and other medical issues. This is a passion of mine so I decided to gather some of my thoughts and findings in this blog.

I believe there is a lot of misinformation and lack of information in the world about these topics, for a number of reasons. One reason is historical, as new discoveries are not always integrated fast enough. Old habits and beliefs about health tend to survive a long time too.

There is still a lot to understand about the human body and longevity, we are only at the beginning, but modern science is helping revolutionize this body of knowledge. As such new results need to be understood and validated.

Another reason why some results are not well shared is conflict of interest. As the big pharmaceutical companies finance drugs research which is very costly, the entire medical profession has become dependent on these conglomerates.

On this blog we focus on natural products as much as possible as we are not proponents of using chemical drugs with unknown side effects.

Peruse and enjoy reading, I appreciate it!